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Obtaining angel round financing from Huashi Sports, leading the digital upgrading of the hotel industry

Date: 2024-01-22

According to 36Kr news, cloud service solution provider "Cloud Changyou" has recently completed millions of yuan in angel round financing, exclusively invested by Huashi Sports. This round of funds will mainly be used for technology research and development, team organizational structure improvement, and market support.

Cloud Changyou Digital Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., as a government investment attraction project, belongs to the sports industry operation service provider "Huashi Sports". The company focuses on providing users with high cost performance, innovative products and services through cloud technology, AI big computing power, big data and other fields of technology.

Faced with the continuous decline in hotel TV usage, "Cloud Play" has launched a targeted iNbox cloud computer solution. This innovative product not only enriches the entertainment content of hotel rooms, but also meets the diverse needs of modern travelers through a highly interactive digital entertainment experience. From watching TV, surfing the internet, to playing large 3A games, iNbox cloud computers provide unparalleled convenience and fun for residents.

It is reported that the deployment cost of iNbox cloud computers is low, only one tenth of the cost of traditional esports room renovation. This advantage enables more hotels to easily upgrade their room configurations and enhance overall competitiveness. Through cooperation with Ctrip's gold medal service provider, "Cloud Journey" has also launched a hotel exchange model, allowing hotels to enjoy the value-added effects brought by the product without additional investment. The market strategy of "cloud based gaming" is also quite flexible. In addition to the replacement model, they also plan to launch an innovative model that is more in line with market demand in 2024, with an expected output of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of products.

The successful application of iNbox cloud computers not only improves the quality and user experience of hotel rooms, but also brings new development opportunities to the entire industry. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, "Cloud Tour" is expected to continue to maintain its leading position in the future and become the preferred partner for digital upgrading in the hotel industry.